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IT is “Going Agile”! The Impact on HR and Human Capital Management.

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I was privileged to share the stage with some incredible speakers at a recent DisruptHR event in Johannesburg where I gave a presentation on “IT is Going Agile!  The Impact on HR and Human Capital Management?”  These presentations are Petcha Kutcha style.  That is, you have 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide and they move automatically.  Talk about stress!!  But I thought I should share this presentation with you as there are some valuable points to consider.

IT is not the only part of the organisation that is affected when IT “Goes Agile”.  Agility has an impact on the Business, HR, Marketing and Finance.  Going Agile is also a culture change – it’s a change in “the way we do things here”.  And these different parts of the business need to be brought into the “Going Agile” process.

The points made in this short video are extremely important.  We at TalentAlign, and with our partnership in BeyondAgile, assist organisations to effectively address the “People Transformation” aspects of “Going Agile”.  When this happens your Agile Transformation goes quicker, costs less, and sets the stage for broader adoption of Agile methods enterprise-wide.

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