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Sales Velocitisor™ – Increase Revenue Generation

Our Sales Velocitisor™ program is aimed at Small to Medium businesses (SMBs) that have a product and have sold successfully in a market, and are now looking to formalize and scale their sales effort.

The goals of the Sales Velocitisor™ program are:

  • Increase Sales Productivity
  • Increase Sales Performance
  • Increase Sales Growth.

The Sales Velocitisor™ program is based on the concepts of:

  • Marginal Gains – Small incremental improvements in any process or activity, amounts to a significant improvement when they are all added together
  • Sales Enablement – The processes, content, and technology that empowers sales teams to sell more efficiently at a higher velocity
  • Sales Velocity – The rate at which deals move through the sales pipeline and generate revenue

A “Learn-Do” Program

What is a Learn-Do program?  It is a program where you “learn while doing, and do while learning”.

With “active learning”, candidates are asked to engage in their learning by thinking, discussing, investigating, and creating.  Active learning is typically more effective than lectures for helping candidates retain and apply information.

We cover a number of different strategies, methods, and models in the program.  You get to understand the differences between them and then choose those which you believe will be most effective for your organization and goals – and why.

The final topic of the program is Execution Excellence.  We show you what is known as “Silicon Valley’s Secret to Success” – a method that many Silicon Valley companies have used to grow from startup to unicorn.

Program Outcomes

The objective of the program is to:

  • Enable continuous performance improvement in marketing and sales
  • By establishing, understanding, and managing the Sales Velocity and its component parts

Among the results to be achieved are:

  • Defined and agreed Ideal Customer Persona for your target audience
  • Defined and agreed Customer Value Proposition and USP for each target audience
  • Defined and agreed Sales and Marketing Strategy and Models for your business
  • Defined and agreed Buyers’ and Sellers’ Journeys
  • Defined and Agreed SMARKETING* (integrated Marketing and Sales) funnel with content outlines for each stage
  • Defined and Agreed sales Pipeline with content outlines for each stage to enable a consistent sakes process and message
  • Defined and Agreed metrics for each stage of funnel and pipeline, and other metrics needed to measure Sales Velocity
  • Your Sales Velocity metric – and how to improve it
  • Specific initiatives defined and agreed to achieve Execution Excellence

Who the program is for:

The program is aimed specifically at:

  • CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses looking to grow business revenue
  • Sales and Marketing management of small and medium businesses wanting to improve sales and marketing initiatives through better integration
  • Operations management responsible for improving the overall operations and revenue growth of the business.

Program Outline

The program consists of 12 topics, generally run on a weekly basis.

  • Introduction
  • Defining Target Market, Ideal Customer and Value Proposition using the Business Model Canvas
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Marketing and Sales Models, Types and Activities
  • The Buyers’ Journey
  • The Sellers’ Journey
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • Marketing Content for different funnel stages (I and II)
  • Measures, Metrics and KPIs
  • Metrics for Marketing and Sales
  • Execution Excellence
  • Summary and Retrospective

Each topic consists of:

  • A 1.5 hour workshop which includes a 30-40 minute presentation, 10-15 minutes example, and the remainder of the time is Q&A
  • 1-2 hours of “homework” that needs to be completed, individually or in groups, before the Accountability Coaching session
  • A 1.5 Accountability Coaching and Retrospective for the topic.

*SMARKETING – A term for the integration of sales and marketing that, I think, was coined by Hubspot.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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