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How we Work with You

When we start an opportunity with you, we accept 4 things:

  • Situations and challenges today are far more complex than they were in the past
  • “Done for you” only works for simple, linear situations
  • We don’t have all the answers
  • Working collaboratively in short decision cycles will probably get us to a better solution

We start with the 3 C’s:

  • Our Commitment to help
  • Our Care for you and your business
  • Our Curiosity about the situation or challenge

Our Approach

Our approach is to plan short, quick “journeys” from which to learn and improve:

Firstly, through meetings, discussions and assessments where necessary, we get insights into the history of the organisation and the situation, the situation and the challenges, and we get to understand the levels of complexity, the different cultures and processes that exist, and a fuller picture of the environment in which the situation exists.

From this information, through collective analysis and decision-making, we get to understand the different options that may be available, the choices that need to be made, the capabilities needed and the resources required for each of the options, and we decide which option will be tried first and how “success” will be measured.

That becomes the first (or next, depending on where we are in the cycle) “Adaptive Move” and this needs some preparation before introducing and running for a period.  Then we review the result, and provide feedback to improve the insights or to require further discovery.

In this way, through short, collaborative decision-cycles, we get closer to a working solution, and build an adaptive organisation with the capacity to change and learn. In other words, we help to Future Fit the organisation.