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Managing the Transition from HR to Human Capital Management

The purpose of this website is to assist those who are wanting to transition to effective Human Capital Management.

HR is NOT the same as Human Capital.  Human Capital Management adds two different dimensions that were previously not present in HR management, namely:

  • Workforce Architecture, and
  • Workforce Analytics

HR Management is essentially about managing the Employee Life Cycle.  This remains as important as ever and most HR people will want to stay in this field.  Human Capital Management adds to Employee Life Cycle Management and is about understanding, measuring, and managing the value that the workforce adds to organizational value.

So, this website is for:

  • HR Managers, Consultants and Business Partners who are wanting to transition to Human Capital Management, and
  • Line Management who need to manage the contribution that their team makes to Organizational Value.

We do this by:

  • Helping you to build a Workforce Architecture that is able to sustain all phases of the Employee Life Cycle
  • Guiding, through Coaching, the development of your Human Capital Strategy Plan
  • Providing current thought-leadership information in our IT/HR Guru Blog and in the IT/HR KnowledgeBase
  • Providing training through our webinar series on making the move from HR to Human Capital Management.

We hope that you find the information here useful and informative, and we look forward to a long and continually developing relationship with you.

Gail Sturgess



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Do you want to:
- understand what your ROI is on your investment in Human Capital?
- manage this ROI to improve your returns?
- build a Workforce Architecture for IT that facilitates improved Talent Management?
- benchmark your Human Capital Management against peers in your industry?
Then you're in the right place.
THIS is what TalentAlign is all about - helping you to improve the ROI on your investment in Human Capital.
We do this by:
- helping you create an effective Workforce Architecture
- measuring and monitoring your Human Capital ROI
- assessing current Talent Management practices to improve impact
- providing Coaching and Development to create your Human Capital Strategy Plan
- providing up-to-date, thought-leadership articles and information in our IT/HR Guru Blog.
It's all here for you.

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New on TalentAlign

We're still busy making changes to the website, especially a new Home Page, and some new products and services for you. We can't wait to get started.
In the meanwhile, we have added a new article:
"Workforce Architecture - How to Build YOUR Workforce Architecture"
Planning, designing and constructing your Workforce Architecture is not a complicated issue – but it is time- and resource-consuming and needs meticulous attention to detail. In this article we show you the steps to creating, managing and using your Workforce Architecture, including the Human Capital Strategy steps needed to get you there.
You will find it in the IT/HR KnowledgeBase under Articles. We hope that you find it useful.