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Leading in the New Way of Working

With organisations going through multiple-transformations and transitions as we all grapple with a world that is changing faster than we have ever known before, the pressure is on leaders and managers to not only bring their organisations through these changes, but to also make the necessary changes in the way that they, themselves, lead and manage going forward.

Leaders and managers with 20-, 30- 40- years experience, are finding themselves back in the “classroom”, learning new skills and new ways of managing for the New Way of Working.

Our New Way of Working series, based on our CORE™ Agile People Management Framework, consists of a number of short eLearning courses which can be followed by a period of coaching to ensure that the new habits are sustained.  These topics include:

  • Culture, Mindset and Motivation
  • The Learning Organisation
  • Design, Structure and Careers
  • High Performance Leadership
  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Performance Enablement
  • Reward and Remuneration

Alternatively, our CORE™ Agile People Management program takes leaders and managers through a 16-week process, covering all the New Way of Working topics and more and has elements of coaching build into the process.  This program would be particularly useful to management teams as it is based on using a collaborative approach to learning.

These programs can be adapted to be incorporated into existing Leadership Development programs to ensure that your new managers have the latest and most appropriate skills when they enter the management market.

We offer the CORE™ Agile People Management program in a number of formats:

  • eLearning – with live, virtual Q&A sessions in between
  • Mastermind – brings team learning to a new level as everyone learns from each other while putting what they have learned into practice

Speak to us so that we can work out which leadership/management program will suit you best.  You can fill in the form below and we will be in touch directly, or you can make an appointment to speak to us.

You can download a brochure on the New Way of Working series by clicking the link below

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