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About TalentAlign OD

TalentAlign OD is a South African, African and global organisation that is a “journey partner” for business and HR leaders on Digital, Agile, and People Transformation journeys, through the integration of lean | agile values, principles, and practices.

Our clients are large-small to small-large organisations across all industries, specialising in IT and Digital, that face considerable challenges in a fast moving, competitive world of business today. We work with them to accelerate the pace of innovation, reduce time to market, and inculcate learning agility in the organisation. By doing that, they boost overall performance and generate measurable growth and profitability.

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How we Work with You

When we start an opportunity with you, we accept 4 things:

  • Situations and challenges today are far more complex than they were in the past
  • “Done for you” only works for simple, linear situations
  • We don’t have all the answers
  • Working collaboratively in short decision cycles will probably get us to a better solution.

We start with the 3 C’s:

  • Our Commitment to help
  • Our Care for you and your business
  • Our Curiosity about the situation or challenge

Our Approach

Our approach is to plan short, quick “journeys” from which to learn and improve:

  • Firstly, through meetings, discussions and assessments where necessary, we get insights into the history of the organisation and the situation, the situation and the challenges, and we get to understand the levels of complexity, the different cultures and processes that exist, and a fuller picture of the environment in which the situation exists.
  • From this information, through collective analysis and decision-making, we get to understand the different options that may be available, the choices that need to be made, the capabilities needed and the resources required for each of the options, and we decide which option will be tried first and how “success” will be measured.

  • That becomes the first (or next, depending on where we are in the cycle) “Adaptive Move” and this needs some preparation before introducing and running for a period.  Then we review the result, and provide feedback to improve the insights or to require further discovery.

In this way, through short, collaborative decision-cycles, we get closer to a working solution, and build an adaptive organisation with the capacity to change and learn. In other words, we help to Future Fit the organisation.

The Agile OD Specialist

As Agile Organisational Development (OD) Facilitators / Coaches / Consultants, we work with Executive Management and HR in implementing the organisational development and change management initiatives to enable and drive a high-performing and inclusive organisation.

We consult with various business units directed at improving business results through change management, organisation design, development and effectiveness initiatives, and training and development.

Areas of Specialisation

With a background in IT, we are analytical problem-solvers by nature.  We understand the world of business and business processes, from strategy to execution.

We understand the IT and Digital world and how it applies to business and the implications for people development and management.  This is critical for businesses moving forward in this fast-changing, digital world that we are moving to.

We are “agile” by nature – the half-life of IT and Digital technology skills has always been much shorter than other disciplines.  We are used to change and are change- and learning-agile.  This means that, not only do we adapt to client environments quickly and easily, but we facilitate the development of these attributes in the client environment – critical for the future of work.

We have applied our minds to the critical issues of the day, brought about by technology, the pandemic, post-pandemic challenges, and creating “Future Fit” organisations.  Our current areas of focus are:

  • “Work-from-Anywhere” – building the organisation capability for leaders and managers to manage the productivity of workers and work outcomes, no matter where they are situated – critical for “future-fit” organisations.
  • Digital (People) Transformation – building a strategy to enable the organisation to identify and develop the skills needed for transformation success, to be available when needed in the transformation process.
  • Successful Strategy Execution – building a process and system that enables and empowers the organisation – leaders and employees – to work in a purpose- and performance-driven way, to deliver strategy successfully.
  • Flexible Career Pathing – building a career structure that enables and empowers employees to develop flexibly in areas and skills necessary for organisation growth and performance – critical for both organisation success and employee retention.
  • OD-as-a-Service (ODaaS) – providing a flexible resource for organisations that need OD services on an intermittent basis including: identifying and solving problems with organisational systems that impact engagement, productivity, and performance; and creating alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Organisation Development (OD)

Source:  ATD (Association for Talent Development)


  • Serve as a strategic partner in driving organisation change management and business optimisation projects.
  • Assess organisation development needs in alignment with business strategy
  • Ensure continuous organisational improvements across the organisation.
  • Stay abreast with organisational development trends.


  • Research and analyse data, create and conduct surveys, track and report progress and design and implement training materials.
  • Analyse root causes for organizational problems and recommend corrective actions.
  • Analyse business structures, operations, procedures, processes, and the utilisation of resources.
  • Evaluate current business processes as they relate to people, and recommend improvements.
  • Gather and assess feedback from all levels in the organisation regarding concerns, areas of improvement, successes, and highlights.
  • Interview personnel to identify developmental needs and report the impact of their interventions to executives and senior management.
  • Consult with management on performance, organisational and leadership matters.
  • Interview personnel and facilitate targeted skills development initiatives.
  • Consult with the human resources department to understand and guide the utilisation, development, or hiring of personnel.


  • Identify organisation performance gaps and determine development needs.
  • Advise executives and senior managers and recommend efficient and cost-effective solutions for identified challenges.
  • Design and implement a variety of development initiatives, action plans, programs, and training materials.
  • Contribute to potential restructuring of departments to increase efficiency and align activities with business objectives.
  • Develop a strategic plan for achieve organisational goals.
  • Develop strategies to improve organisational performance and effectiveness.


  • Develop effective solutions to meet business challenges and mitigate business risks.
  • Design and implement a variety of developmental initiatives, action plans, programs, and training materials.
  • Develop change management program to support and implement new initiatives.
  • Implement change management projects that improve people processes, systems, structure, and culture.
  • Drive organisational change ensuring staff remain engaged, motivated, and valued.
  • Contribute to the restructuring of departments to increase efficiency and align activities with business objectives.
  • Optimise personnel utilisation by increasing cross-functionality and interdepartmental cooperation.
  • Support the individual development planning process for executives and emerging leaders.
  • Lead business optimisation initiatives by facilitating individual or group development sessions for personnel.
  • Plan, coach and consult with teams and individuals who need assistance solving organisational challenges.
  • Contribute to the development of positive and achievement-oriented work environment for employees.
  • Develop performance management program and leadership development program to support organisational growth.


  • Monitor and measure the impact of interventions on staff performance, efficiency, employee retention, and job satisfaction.
  • Measure the impact of interventions on organisation performance.
  • Document processes and present progress reports to executives and senior managers.

Typical OD Responsibilities


  • Provide consulting and facilitation services to address organisation development needs, including change management, team interventions, and organisation assessment and redesign.
  • Coach and mentor employees on individual, educational and professional development objectives and goal-driven career plans.
  • Collaborate with HR and Learning and Development to leverage and reinforce core cultural drivers, the company’s competency model, and the performance, talent, and succession management processes.
  • Support leadership development initiatives to ensure all leaders and potential leaders have the necessary skills to succeed and on associate engagement initiatives to drive speed to productivity, acculturation, and retention.
  • Drive the efficiency of organisation development efforts by reinforcing performance objectives and performing and leveraging workforce analytics.
  • Build strong working relationships across the organisation to enhance OD’s role as trusted advisor and demonstrate a return on investment for organisation development initiatives.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Research, recommend, develop, and execute creative strategies to foster the organisation’s DEI goals.
  • Measure and forecast diversity metrics.
  • Collect and analyse statistical data to evaluate the organisation’s population in accordance with DEI standards and goals.
  • Partner with Senior Manager, Associate Experience to define and execute on DEI strategy.

Leadership Development

  • Partner with Learning and Development and key stakeholders to design and implement the overall leadership development strategy.
  • Measure effectiveness of Leadership Development Initiatives.


  • Deliver training sessions/workshops/team interventions consistent with adult learning theory including lectures, group activities, discussions, case studies, role-plays, simulations, and other experiential activities.
  • Effective facilitation to engage participants and drive individual and team effectiveness.

Change Management

  • Design and Develop Change Management Methodology for the organisation, based on Lean Change Management principles and methodology.
  • Provide Change Management to large high impact and complex business initiatives.
  • Partner with Learning and Development to design and implement the overall change learning strategy.

For Flexible and Professional OD, Contact us

If you are looking for an Agile OD resource, for either a specific project, or as a flexible resource, please complete the form below and we will be in touch directly.

Our Team

Our professional network of experienced collaborators facilitate your transition into a thriving lean | digital | agile Future Fit organisation by:

  • Providing you with current, up-to-date workshops and retreats articles and information
  • Working with management and teams to help align organisational structures, policies, practices and processes with a lean | digital | agile strategy
  • Helping you to create a culture that engages and unleashes new potential across the organisation
  • Being your Journey Partners through these challenging times.

What makes us unique is our ability to understand your unique organisational needs. We adapt our processes in a way that enables you to transition at a pace that meets your organisational needs. By providing distinctive solutions for Digital and People Operations (HR), we boost your transformation into a powerful lean | digital | agile enterprise.

Whether starting out or already on a transformation journey, we help to accelerate and keep you on track to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. If you are ready for an incredible journey, contact us.

Our passion is People. We believe, if we can help people to become the best that they can be, they will take the organisation to the best that it can be.

The Collaborators

At TalentAlign OD, we believe that we can best service our clients through a network of “best of breed”, experienced facilitators, coaches and consultants. This offers our clients:

  • A broader spectrum of services
  • Strong implementation support
  • Reduced risk

Our network of experienced collaborators enables us to offer:

  • A full range of professional services
  • Specialist knowledge from in-depth experience
  • Flexibility and the ability to react and innovate faster
  • Fewer overheads and lower operating costs

Our network of expert Collaborators all have previous corporate experience, and are now owners of their own small businesses.  They have the best of corporate knowledge and experience coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Current TalentAlign OD collaborators include:

Neville Willemse

Executive Advisor: Emerging Technology, Innovation, Business Transformation

Neville is passionate about working with business to solve complex problems, improve performance, deliver service excellence, innovation and efficient operations.

Specialised in delivering effective digital and business transformation, efficient IT process and operations, and unlocking the value from existing assets and investments through automation, integration and innovative technology.

For more information about Neville go to:

Marriet Visser

Time Tasks Productivity Dynamics Expert/ Founder / Owner of ByMarriet

Marriet is a seasoned task and productivity expert. During her career for over 36 years as an information technology (IT) expert, an analyst and trainer, she has delivered multiple projects. Marriet also participated in multiple community projects and offered life coaching and acquired diverse experience in mobilising people and their skills to complete their tasks successfully. Marriet finds she is now able to add value to my clients, draws my insights from successful projects, successful teams, and successful people. She teaches people to fail forward with all the lessons I have learned.

For more information about Marriet and ByMarriet go to:

Gail Sturgess

Agile OD Facilitator / Coach / Consultant / Owner of TalentAlign OD
Gail is passionate about working with business to achieve organisational effectiveness through people and create a workplace where people and the organisation grow and thrive together.

Experienced in IT, Business and OD,  she has worked with top organisations in South Africa and Africa, to define and implement business and people transformation projects leading to improved individual and organisation performance.

For more information about Gail and TalentAlign OD go to:

Sue Morris

Executive, Leadership & Team Coach / Founder and Owner of Metaview Coaching and Consulting

Sue has leadership and consulting experience in corporate and medium-sized businesses in SA and the US with a strong focus on outcomes linked to organisational effectiveness. ​She enables innovation through facilitated workshops and executive coaching to improve personal mastery, emotional intelligence, leading high-performance teams, and psychological safety.

For more information about Sue and Metaview, go to:

Terine Lott-Cupido

Founder and Owner of EmpowerLink Services

Terine and EmpowerLink Services provide Strategic HR solutions and training to help Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), in South Africa.

She supports business leaders, so that they can strategically impact their businesses through their people.  EmpowerLink Services offers bespoke quality-driven, professional HR solutions, to meet clients’ needs.

Terine is passionate about empowering people  and helping others to succeed “Offering Hope gives me great joy.”

For more information about Terine and EmpowerLink Services go to:

Coachfluence is a start-up career, growth, business coach, and consulting solutions services, provider.
We offer these solutions to corporates, non-profits, and individuals in the market who are seeking performance improvement and growth solutions to take their performance to the next level. Enabled by the use of technology to develop and deliver value-adding performance improvement and growth solutions. Our team is an experienced group of professionals with expertise across business strategy, organization development, business coaching, and growth.

For more information on Coachfluence, go to:

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