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Human Capital Strategy Consulting

For most organisations Human Capital Strategy is one of the most important elements of Business Strategy today.  Yet, whether we are HR or line management, we always seem to be so busy fixing “operational” problems, that we just don’t seem to have the time for an authentic Human Capital Strategy session.

Does this sound familiar?  Experience has shown that this is the case in many organisations.  Our TalentAlign Human Capital Strategy consultants are here to help.

The TalentAlign Human Capital Strategy Consulting methodology is based on our experience combined with sound research. We provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills. We partner with our clients to help create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance. We achieve this through optimized Human Capital Management, primarily concerned with  Strategy, Structure, Management and Operations of the IT Human Capital of an organization and we assist our clients by:

  • Identifying options for improvement with practical and measurable recommendations,
  • Providing additional resources when necessary, and
  • Help you implement Human Capital Strategy plans.

Are these some of the Challenges that you are Facing?

  • We need to build a good foundation for future Human Capital Management
  • Our IT Job Descriptions are non-existent or incomplete and we don’t have IT Competency Profiles
  • We want to optimize acquiring the skills and competencies needed to drive strategy
  • We don’t have clearly defined IT career paths
  • We want to improve our managing of competencies
  • We want to measure if our workforce is improving
  • Our people are not performing as expected
  • Our people are not motivated
  • We want to increase the people management skills of our managers
  • We want to develop a clear Human Capital Strategy
  • Our people don’t manage their own careers
  • We are too small to have our own HR department

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help with these problems and give you the following Savings and Benefits:

Area of Saving Benefit to you
Accurate Workforce Planning
  • Better long-term planning of resources needed
  • Fewer restructuring exercises
Improved Retention
  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower Workforce Costs over the longer term
More Engaged Workforce
  • Higher levels of Productivity
  • Better delivery of Organisational Performance
Better Staff Selection
  • Higher performance levels of new recruits
  • Few job mismatches
 Better Staffing Policy
  • Optimise span of control
  • Optimise workforce and outsourced resources
Improved Training Plans
  • Less time away from the job
  • Better Performance due to increasing skills levels
  • Lower total cost of training as redundant training is avoided

In other words

We help to improve your bottom line!

And if we improve YOUR bottom line, that leaves more for you above the line for other Human Capital Strategy initiatives.

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