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Holistic Change Facilitation for Better Change Results

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Change has Changed. Change today is complex, continuous, simultaneous, interrelated, transformational and unpredictable.  The “old” ways of Change Management are therefore no longer reliable or relevant, and mostly lead to change fatigue and burnout.

We work with organisational leaders to create a “culture of change” to enable the organisation to become responsive and adapt rapidly and non-linearly to changes taking place.  A culture of change also creates great potential for creative breakthroughs.

Whether these changes are:

  • Strategy execution
  • Scaling up / Scaling down
  • Business model change
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology-driven change, or
  • People-driven,

our unique combination of Neuroscience, Agile and Lean Change helps the organisation develop what we call a “Living and Lving Change™” culture to enable the organisation to quickly adapt to current and future changes.

If the concepts of Neuroscience, Agile or Lean don’t currently fit within your organisational culture, this is probably not for you.

However, if you would like to know more about it, please send me an email at, or set up time in my calendar for a brief discussion.

I look forward to discussing how we might bring about change resilience in your organisation.

In the meanwhile, have a look at this short, 8-minute, video to better understand why we need Holistic Change Facilitation to cope with current and future changes.


Gail Sturgess
Agile OD Facilitator/Coach/Consultant
We work with leaders to set and achieve their most audacious goals, turn mission into action, and create an ongoing discipline resulting in execution and results.