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Execution Excellence: The key to Successful Strategy Achievement

The best Strategies can fail without the right Execution

Strategy execution is the implementation of a strategy to reach organisational goals.
Without Execution Excellence, any strategy can fail. Research tells us that between 70% and 90% of organisations fail to achieve their strategy, mostly due to poor execution.
Join the hundreds of thousands of startups, scaleups, unicorns, and successful organisations that have driven their success with the OKR Framework.
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    Why Execution Excellence?

    The OKR Framework is built on 5 “Superpowers”:

    Focus on What Matters

    The OKR Framework forces upfront choices to “what matters most”.  It limits the number of things to focus on: the cycle, the objectives, the feedback, the number of initiatives.

    Alignment and Connection for Teams

    As the focus shifts from planning OKRs to execution, activities are tied to the organisation’s company-wide vision, and create a common purpose for teams.

    Commitment to Priorities

    Everyone commits to the achievement of the OKRs, and schedules and resources are adjusted to ensure that they are delivered.  Tracking is done transparently.

    Accountability through Tracking

    OKRs are tracked from output to outcome via the metrics established when they were written.  Regular, weekly and monthly check-ups are essential to prevent slippage.

    Stretching for Amazing Results

    “Stretching” is last but not least.  OKRs inherently push organisations and their members to strive further, to eke out a little more than what they thought was possible.

    When these “superpowers” are combined, another, equally potent, superpower emerges – the potential to help organisations achieve a holistic transformation encompassing both culture and operational capabilities. Virtually no other implementation framework offers this combination.

    The Team

    You can be sure that you, your organisation and your strategy execution are in good hands.

    Gail Sturgess
    TalentAlign OD

    MBA (UCT)
    Certificate in Executive Coaching (UCT)
    Certified Human Capital Strategist (HCI)
    Certified Agile People Coach (ICAgile)
    Diploma in Marketing Management – Distinctions (Damelin)
    Certificate in Marketing of Services (Wits Business School)
    Certificate in Business Analysis (FTI)
    Certificate in Barcode Implementation (Xcel)
    Certificate in Assessment (SAQA)
    15 Years in ICT (Developer, Business Intelligence, Product Manager)
    20 Years in Organisation Development
    5 Years in Agile Organisation Development

    Marriet Visser
    Marriet Visser

    Marriet Visset

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