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About OrgCMF™

Most organisational change efforts take longer and cost more money than leaders and managers anticipate.  In fact, according to research from McKinsey and Company, 70% of all transformations fail.  And, according to 2008 research from IBM, the need to lead change is growing, but our ability to do it is shrinking.

Improving transformation success rate, especially in these turbulent times, has to be the No 1 concern of Transformation and Change Management today.

The Organisation Change Capability Maturity (OrgCMF™) tool assesses the current level of change capability across 15 organisational “dynamics”.  It provides information on where to focus attention in order to grow change capability within the organisation, and where to focus the next intervention in order to create sustainable change.

The assessment emerged from academic and industry research into the current and historic high failure rates (70%+) of change and transformation programs to meet their original objectives.  It is recognised as a significant step improvement in change and transformation management process, improving outcomes and success rates.

Organisations are complex and dynamic systems and subsystems, and in today’s VUCA environment they all require greater Agility (Change Capability).  The question is how do we measure and improve change capability in a way that reflects each unique organisation context and its aims and ambitions?

The OrgCMF™ Organisational Change Capability Assessment, is based on the Dynamic Systems Maturity Theory (DSMT), a scientifically-based system of facts and ideas that draws on Systems Theory, Learning Theory, as well as Psychology, Organizational Science and Economics.

DSMT identified 15 discreet and scientific levels of functioning (Maturity) an organisation can habituate.

The OrgCMF™ assessment reflects the organisation’s measured level of Maturity  – its Performance and Rate of Change (Change Capability/Agility).  In other words an Organisation’s Measured Capability Maturity determines its Performance and it’s Agility.  Or, it’s ability to adopt and sustain change.

In order to improve Change Capability (Agility) for an Organisation, or any of its sub-systems (Units, Divisions, Functions, Departments, Teams etc), we must first measure its existing Change Capability. The Organisation Capability Maturity Framework (OrgCMF™) provides the Body of Knowledge (BoK) and Digital Assessment Platform tool to:

  1. Assess Change Capability Maturity
  2. Provide appropriate improvement guidance specific to organisation context

The beauty of DSMT and the OrgCMF™ assessment is that we can at last understand organisations as dynamic systems, rather than linear chains of command.  We are able to:

  • Target change management at the level of performance and adaptive capability rather than shoot blindly
  • Graphically look at inadequacy across all functionality and see what is wrong with legacy systems and management
  • Target exactly what needs to be rooted out
  • Understand and counteract the process of “Inversion” which acts as a drag towards the lower levels of functioning in all human systems
  • Pitch interventions at diagnosed levels to gain traction
  • Provide normative step-by-step guidance for sustainability
  • Offer one integrative language and framework for people, teams, and organisations, for systemic effectiveness, and
  • Describe what sustainable success looks like in newly defined Levels of Organisational and Leadership Advantage.

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