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About TalentAlign

TalentAlign is an African and global organisation that advises organisations on all aspects of People Transformation on their Agile Transformation journey, through the integration of lean | agile values, principles, and practices.

Our clients are large, medium and small enterprises across all industries that face considerable challenges in a fast moving, competitive world of business today. We work with them to accelerate the pace of innovation, reduce time to market, and inculcate learning agility in the organisation. By doing that, they boost overall performance and generate measurable growth and profitability.

Our professional network of experienced consultants facilitate your transition into a thriving lean | agile organisation. We provide you with current, up-to-date workshops and facilitate management and teams to help you align your organizational structures, policies, practices and processes with a lean | agile strategy. We help you to create a culture that engages and unleashes new potential across the organisation.

What makes us unique is our ability to understand your unique organisational needs, and adapt our processes in a way that enables you to transition at a pace that meets your organisational needs. We help you to provide distinctive solutions for People Operations (HR), and boost your transformation into a powerful lean | agile enterprise.

Whether starting out or already on a business transformation journey, we help to accelerate and keep you on track to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. If you are ready for an incredible journey, contact us.

Our passion is People. We believe, if we can help people to become the best that they can be, they will take the organisation to the best that it can be.


At TalentAlign, we believe that we can best service our clients through a collaborative network of consultants. This offers our clients:

  • A broader spectrum of services
  • Strong implementation support
  • Reduced risk

While not losing out on the key benefits of being a small consulting practice:

  • Specialist knowledge from in-depth experience
  • Flexiliby and the ability to react and innovate faster
  • Fewer overheads and lower operating costs

Current TalentAlign collaborators include:

flux website shot_edited.jpg

Sue Morris

Founder and Director

Metaview Coaching and Consulting.

Sue has 10+ years’ experience in consulting to businesses in SA and the US. In addition, her background in business and strategic ability enables a strong focus on outcomes linked to organisational effectiveness.

She is most interested in how soft skills and context influence performance.

Sue has a degree in Economics and Industrial Psychology from WITS and a Postgrad in Management from the Business School. She has studied Ontological Coaching, is certified in the Enneagram (for individuals and teams) and has an Integral Coaching Accreditation from the UCT Graduate School of Business.

For more information about Sue and Metaview, go to

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