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Going Agile? People Transformation is our Speciality!

TalentAlign understands that, whether you’re a business that started Agile but finding it difficult to sustain as you grow, or an established business in the process of, or thinking about, “Going Agile, new and different processes are going to be necessary that impact your people – your Human Capital.  To get this “People Transformation” right, you are going to need specialist IT/HR expertise that is not always available within the organisation.

The purpose of this website is to assist IT Line Management and IT/HR Business Partners who are transitioning from Human Resource Management to Human Capital Management for the new digital world.  Therefore, you want to grow from treating people as expenses, to managing people as real assets of the organisation.  And, you want to future-proof your management processes.

Our Process


Why We are Different

Our material is based on the latest research in IT and Human Capital Management which ensures that you are kept current

We ALIGN ourselves with the leaders in BOTH the IT and the HR industries to ensure highest quality input and relevance

We focus on the CORE REQUIREMENTS of IT Management to ensure business success through people

The process of PEOPLE TRANSFORMATION is transferred to the delegate to ensure maximum learning takes place and sustainable results achieved

We stay with you to ensure that plans are IMPLEMENTED and you achieve your outcomes

The way forward is easy because of the PRACTICAL nature of our programs and the TOOLS we provide you with to ensure sustainability

The flexibility of our outsourced IT/HR specific products and services guarantees experience, skills and expertise without the overheads.