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Work-from-Anywhere – It’s Strategy not Policy!

“Work-from-Anywhere” – it’s Strategy, not Policy.

    What Research Tells us

    35-40% more productive

    4.4% more output

    40% fewer quality defects

    41% lower absenteeism

    12% reduction in staff turnover

    21% higher profitability

    Convert that to money (if you need assistance I can help)! What self-respecting manager and leader today does not want that, for very little real effort.

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    Besides all the other facts, those facts alone should be enough for leaders and managers to want to make remote work a more significant factor in their organisation’s strategy and business and operating models.

    But that’s not all:

    It’s telling us that fully ONSITE teams are:

    • Least likely to show high levels of engagement, trust or discretionary effort (that is quite contradictory to what some managers are saying)
    • Least comfortable taking risks (maybe because there is less psychological safety in the office?)
    • Least likely to provide opportunities to innovate (for the same reason)

    Yes, there is other research that tells us about burnout, employee morale, difficulty in maintaining company culture, etc.  This research does not, however, explore WHY employees are experiencing burnout, why morale is low, why it’s difficult to maintain culture.

    That would be far more interesting.

    And, this is small body of research compared with the large body that shows huge benefits from remote work.

    Why would any leader, with a mind to growing and sustaining a business, not want to achieve these results?

    The thing is, you don’t achieve those kinds of results with policy.

    You need a Strategy

    Work is Changing

    Business leaders were left reeling as the world slowly emerged from lockdowns.  Many of them striving to get back to the “pre-Covid” days, only to find that the world had, indeed, changed.

    Customers had developed new buying habits and were getting more experienced at living in an online world.  Employees had developed new work habits that enabled them to better manage the balance between work and life.

    Neither of these groups want the “old” ways – they like and enjoy the “new” ways.  They’re more convenient, save costs, reduce travel, and provide better work-life balance.

    The fact is, “things” have changed, and changed fairly dramatically.  We are not going back to where we were in 2019.  Why would we?  It’s time to renew ourselves, our mindsets, our skills – to cope with what lies ahead.

    This just cannot be established by policy … You need a Strategy!

    The Team

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