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2019 Business Agility Report

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“In a world of accelerating change, increasing complexity, rapidly changing technology, digitization and the internet, many organizations are still locked in the slow-moving, topdown, bureaucratic practices and processes of 20th century bureaucracy. They are finding it difficult to sense and respond to disruptive shifts in the marketplace. Their very capacity to survive, let alone thrive, is in question.”

This is how the preface to the 2019 Business Agility Report by Steve Denning, author of “The Age of Agile” starts!

Key findings of this report include:

  • Improved relationships with customers
  • Increased revenue, market share and brand recognition
  • Faster turnaround times and higher quality offerings
  • Greater transparency and higher employee engagement

A most exciting result was the discovery of three key predictors of business agility. That is, organizations who report higher ratings in these three characteristics also report higher overall business agility and associated benefits.

Get the report here.

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TalentAlign works with business leaders and HR to fast-track their knowledge, skills and processes to not only support Agile Transformation, but to actually facilitate it.  We offer:

  • Agile HR Professionals Mastermind – Learn and implement Agile People processes in a group for quicker and better outcomes—for Solo HR Professionals or HR Departments
  • Agile People Coach – Agile HR transformation in the same way that IT was so successful.  Copy success—don’t reinvent the wheel!
  • Agile Organisation and Role Design – Define structures and roles for flexibility while maintaining integrity in an Agile environment
  • Agile Career and Competency Management – Retain your top skills.  Career Mosaics based on Competencies so people can decide on their own career—but still within the organisation
  • Agile Performance Management – Performance Management that actually leads to improved organisational performance with long– and short-term goals

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to implement Agile People processes in your organisation.