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What HR Needs to Succeed (But Most Don’t Have Yet)

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This is a great article from Gallup that talks about what Leaders and Managers do that prevent HR from doing the things they should be doing to help those same Leaders and Managers better manage their “most important asset”.

HR really has to focus more on what they do in Leadership programs in the organisation.  The “old”-style programs are not “fit for purpose” in today’s world.  And HR is taking the brunt of this

Source: What HR Needs to Succeed (But Most Don’t Have Yet)

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TalentAlign helps to empower HR Leaders to support organisation resilience in the New Way of Work.  We do this by focussing on the CORE problems that most challenge HR Leaders and work through a process to remove roadblocks and achieve the kind of culture great employees want to be a part of.  Please contact us to discuss what we can do together to empower your HR Leadership to better manage the organisation’s CORE assets – its People.