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Successful Execution is the Key to Successful Strategy Achievement

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“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” 

Morris Chang, CEO of TSMC

Based on research by Harvard’s Norton and Kaplan (The Execution Premium), 80% of companies never achieve the full value of their strategy.  That is a scary statistic, and there are many reasons given for this.  But for us, the reason is not what’s important.  What’s important for us is, what can you do differently so that you are among the 20% that achieve all your strategic objectives?

Successful execution is the key to successful strategy achievement!

As Rohit Mittal says in his article “Why Execution is Important for a Strategy to be Successful?”, “Execution represents a disciplined process or a logical set of related activities that enable an organization to take a strategy and make it work.  Without a careful, planned approach to execution, strategic goals cannot be attained.  Developing such a logical approach, however, represents a formidable management challenge.”

That has been the case, until now.  The OKR Framework provides the scaffold for successful strategy execution by providing:

  • A careful, planned, and logical approach to strategy execution
  • A disciplined process
  • A logical set of related activities.

A leader’s responsibility is to achieve the full value of their strategic plan and you can start by answering these questions:

  • Do you have an explicit strategy that you can clearly communicate to all your employees?
  • Does everyone understand their role in making strategy happen?
  • Are you holding everyone responsible and accountable to achieving the full value of your strategic plan?

We would like to meet with you to understand what you are doing to make strategy happen, and find out from us how we can help in making you part of the 20% of organisations that achieve their strategic objectives.

We look forward to meeting you.

Gail Sturgess
Agile OD Facilitator/Coach/Consultant
We provide modern Organisation Development advice, solutions, services, and products, at the intersection of business, technology, and people, to help our clients adopt and adapt to the New Ways of Working – Agile, Digital, Work-from-Anywhere – and become Future Fit.  We’d love to work with you too.
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