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Our Experience Experiment

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This is SUCH an interesting article that we all need to take into account if we want to make Work from Home (WFH) a success – whether full-time or Hybrid.
WFH success is much more about how managers manage than it is about how employees management themselves.  And, this article gives some good guidance on what managers need to do to make WFH success in their organisation.
For convenience, I’ve summarised the key focus areas below, but please read the article for more insight:

  • Culture – all about how work gets done—digitally, flexibly, or physically
  • Customers – gathering insights into their experience as they interact with the organisation
  • Connections – experiences can only be created and shared where a real and human connection exists
  • Collaboration – more horizontal and less vertical, bringing together teams and colleagues across the organization
  • Intentional – inspire, influence, and motivate others
  • Radically human workplace – trust, empathy, transparency, listening, service, connecting, honesty and individuality
  • Roadmap for inclusion – personalisation, and growth

Source: Our Experience Experiment
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