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How to Foster Psychological Safety in Virtual Meetings

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Many organisations are going through multiple transformations at this time:

  • Agile Transformation – enables organisations to be more reactive, do more with less, and better serve the interests of their customers
  • Digital Transformation – enabling core business functions to move away from manual processes, and automate key areas and get better data to enable business leaders to focus on wider business opportunities
  • Business Model Transformation – enabling business leaders to rethink and reform how their organisation creates value and will create value in the future
  • Remote Worker Transformation – enabling the organisation to improve agility and flexibility and reduce costs

Central to all of these transformations is the “learning agility” of leadership and their ability to create a culture of Psychological Safety in the organisation.  This article discusses creating Psychological Safety in Virtual Meetings and contains good advice for all of us.

Source: How to Foster Psychological Safety in Virtual Meetings