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HCF$ Survey FREE – Benchmark Your Human Capital Metrics

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It’s not everyday that you get something for nothing – especially important benchmark business information.  Don’t miss out on gaining access to some of the most valuable metrics and benchmarks for your company and industry from this global survey.  This free, easy-to-use survey will definitively measure your organization’s workforce productivity and ROI, benchmarking it by industry as well as outlining corresponding world-class human capital performance levels.

Why Benchmark?

Benchmarking and Standards for the Workforce – For most financial ratio metrics, there are two primary purposes:

  1. To understand, manage and predict financial results of the organisation, and
  2. Comparing or benchmarking them with competitors and peers in the same or similar industries, particularly for best in class performing organizations.

For example, if an organization has an asset return ratio of 3.2 or a return on invested capital of 10%, it’s hard to know if those numbers are competitive unless you know how your competition is performing on those same metrics.  If competitors are at 4.2 and 18% respectively, your organization may be trouble.  Then, you need to manage the organization back to acceptable performance.  Simply put, benchmarking analysis allows you and your organization a great deal of insight into where you stand year-on-year, and competitively.  It is also an amazing tool for highlighting where potential improvements will have the greatest impact on company performance.

HCMI’s cutting-edge Human Capital Financial Statements – HCF$TM allow companies to quantify and benchmark key Human Capital metrics.  Much like a balance sheet or an income statement, HCMI’s Human Capital Financial Statements allow you the ability to measure, and more importantly, accurately assess the impact of human capital on financial performance.  This new survey blends the best of both worlds easily into one easy to use report – custom made for you and your company.  You supply the data – we supply the answers.  It’s that easy!

Key Questions This Survey Will Help Answer

  • Do we have the right number of employees?
  • What is the right workforce cost?
  • What is the marginal return of R1.0 invested in the workforce?
  • What is the ROI of our Workforce?
  • What is our Workforce productivity and how do we compare with peers?
  • And many more…

Survey Data Requirements (Data you need before you begin…)

In order to successfully complete this survey respondents will need the following demographic, headcount, and financial data for the most recently completed current year (typically 2012) as of end of that year and the end of the prior year (typically 2011) for the following:

  • Organization’s totals form the most recent completed full year, for external hires, number of external hires, terminations, transfers, and promotions
  • Average worker organization tenure
  • Total investment in Training for the organization
  • Standard United States Reporting category headcount (EEO-1) totals for regular employees and contingent workforce for current year and prior year periods
  • Summary financial data for “prior year” and “current year”
  • Total cost of workforce data (i.e., salaries, benefits, bonus/incentives, contingent workforce, other costs)
  • Average salary and total compensation data for prior year and current year as well as benefits costs as a percentage of salary for the reporting categories

To make it even easier for you, TalentAlign has created a Data Capture Form for you to use to gather the relevant data before you start answering the survey.  To download this Data Capture form, click here.  To get more insight into the questions and terms used in the survey, download the Survey Guide and Definitions.

Sample Questions

To give you some insight into the survey, take a peek at the sample survey questions.

I’m Ready, Take Me to the Survey!

If you haven’t already done so, first, download the Survey Guide and Definitions to make sure that you fully understand the questions and the terms used in the survey.

When you’re ready, click on the button below to enter your information.


HCF$ Benchmark Survey


Then  – please be patient while we gather information from our other participants.  We are rushing to get your information to you as soon as possible.

Please note: This one-of-a-kind survey will only be available for a limited time.