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Why can’t you train leaders to be agile? – HR Future

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You can train for skills – selling skills, admin skills, financial skills, HR skills.  But you can’t train for, what this article calls, “qualities” which I guess includes attitude, beliefs, habits and mindsets.

For the longest time, people have been talking about New Ways of Working as a mindset change.  Yet most training programs, except ours of course, still focus on “skills”.

The only way to change attitudes, beliefs, habits and mindsets is to combine the learning as part of a coaching program.  And it takes time.

Source: Why can’t you train leaders to be agile? – HR Future

Our TalentAlign OD Solutions and Programs all use a combination of learning, facilitating, reflecting, and coaching to be able to create the change in attitude, beliefs, habits and mindsets needed for the New Ways of Working.

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