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‘I miss remote work already’: Workers are back in offices — and it’s been very, very awkward | Financial Post

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It is our opinion that, a Hybrid workplace based on policy is just not going to work.  Because there are just too many “independent variables” at play.  And this article highlights some of them. The paragraph below is an extract from the article.

But as the virus recedes and firms are forced to chart their own courses, we’re in “this weird liminal state” that presents an even greater degree of uncertainty, said Andrew Knight, professor of organizational behaviour at Washington University in St. Louis. “In my opinion, we’re actually seeing far greater struggles on the human side as people are trying to figure out exactly what the new routines are going to be and as organizations are struggling to adjust to people’s new beliefs about work,” Knight told The Washington Post.  Being around other people feels draining. Swapping flexibility for anything mandatory seems like a downgrade. Old routines have become foreign and taxing: suiting up and commuting, making calls in front of co-workers, navigating run-ins with bosses in the restroom, picking a seat in the company kitchen. And the new stuff is weirder, like schlepping into work just to sit on Zoom calls in an empty office.

Source: ‘I miss remote work already’: Workers are back in offices — and it’s been very, very awkward | Financial Post

You really do need a “Work-from-Anywhere” strategy, and we can help to facilitate the development.  Our process, using Design Thinking and Lean Change Management, starts with understanding all the different variables at play – in depth, and then, together with you, take small steps towards a strategy that works for your organisation.

We facilitate – we don’t tell you what to do.  You’re the experts in your organisations, we are your “journey partners”.  Come and talk to us about how we can assist.

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