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What do IT People Want?

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What do IT people want when it comes to job satisfaction, motivation and engagement?  A question that is often in the minds of HR people who have this responsibility in organisations.

IT people are “different” – and always have been.  Firstly, to be successful in IT one needs to be both left brained (analytical – creating the whole from the detail) and right brained (creative – going from the whole to the detail).  The work environment and how they are managed needs to take this into consideration and create environments and opportunities where both sides of the brain are “exercised”.

Secondly, IT people are in short-supply – globally.  Especially “good” IT people.   And fewer people are studying IT at universities, despite increasing demand for IT skills.  This means that IT skills are a “scarce resource” and this needs to be managed within the organisation following standard “supply and demand” rules.

We hope, with your contribution, to study this further and, perhaps, come up with some really useful ideas on managing IT people.