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Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning Workshops

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Monday July 23, 2012 – Thursday July 26, 2012

The Core, 1st Floor South, Cnr Kikuyu and Leeuwkop Roads

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This combines both the Workforce Analytics and the Workforce Planning Workshops.

Workforce Analytics – Conventional HR metrics are frequently used in organizations today such as turnover rate, time to fill, etc.  However, these are only basic metrics that answer simple questions and at most show changes in internal organizational trends.  These metrics can only answer questions of a lagging or historical nature, while this is valuable it offers limited predictive power into the future.  As a result, organizations remain in a reactive cycle rather than using analytics as a proactive and strategic tool to make fact-based decision.  This Workforce Analytics training will help participants gain the necessary tools to shift from a reactive model to predictive analytics.

Workforce Planning – Strategic Workforce Planning is the process that organizations use to scope out and optimize internal and external talent to gain competitive advantage.  Workforce Planning is an excellent method to forecast upcoming retirements, talent shortages, and reorganizations of key critical roles within the company.  Managers and leaders often have a difficult time getting started with workforce planning due to a lack of knowledge and expertise.

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