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The No Managers Organisational Approach Doesn’t Work!

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The No Managers Organizational Approach Doesn’t Work

This article makes for a very interesting read for organisations that are going through some form of Agile Transformation.  A area near and dear to me is Role Expectations rather than Job Descriptions.  This quote is from this article:

“Gallup research indicates that clear expectations are the foundation of an engaged workplace that performs at high levels.

“Employees require more than a self-established job description; they want someone to talk with them regularly about their responsibilities and progress. The most basic of employee needs, clarity of expectations, is vital to performance.”

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At TalentAlign, we help to empower Line and HR Leaders to support organisation resilience in the New Way of Work.  We do this by focussing on the CORE problems that most challenge Line and HR Leaders, and work through a process to remove roadblocks and achieve the kind of culture great employees want to be a part of.  Please contact us to discuss what we can do together to empower your HR Leadership to better manage the organisation’s CORE assets – its People.