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The Global Rise of Unhappiness

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HR in organisations have, for some time, measured “employee happiness”.  But right now, the concern really needs to be “Wellness”.

This is quite an alarming report from Gallup on the state of people wellness around the world.  The measures that they use to measure wellness are:

  • Fulfilled by their work
  • Have little financial stress
  • Live in great communities
  • Have good physical health
  • Have loved ones they can turn to for help.

How do these measure up in your organisation, and what can the organisation do to improve it?

Source: The Global Rise of Unhappiness

At TalentAlign OD, we can help with the first one by helping the organisation adopt and adapt to the new ways of working – agile, digital, work-from-anywhere.  Using Lean Change Management concepts and principles, we help the entire organisation to become a more fulfilling and rewarding place to work – an Employer of Choice.