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Responsibility vs Accountability – A Difference that Matters

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I happened on a short video recently that asked the question – what is the difference between Responsibility and Accountability. The answer provided was, in my opinion, interesting and thought-provoking.

“Responsibility” – taking ownership of activities
“Accountability” – taking ownership of results

What has been important in business in the past – Responsibilities. We have managed tasks and activities, but almost never results, or outcomes.

Yet this is what is now needed for the New Ways of Working and especially for a “Work-from-Anywhere” workforce.

It’s not enough that there is activity, its the result of those activities that is important. 

This is why old forms of Performance Management have not worked and why “traditional” forms of management will not work in the future. We focussed on activities, not results.

Systems and technology today enable us to change that focus and focus on results not activities. And this frees everyone, management and employees, to engage and deliver their best for organisational success.

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