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Remuneration Transparency – Why it’s becoming More Important!

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If you’re like most, the idea of Remuneration Transparency sends you flying for cover.  I can remember when, to disclose your salary to a colleague, was a fireable offence!  Seriously!  Now we’re moving in the opposite direction.  Why and How?  Two important questions.

We’ll talk first about the Why.  The reasons that many organisations, especially organisations in the “war for talent”, are moving towards remuneration transparency are:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).  As this movement grows internationally, so employers, looking to create more equitable workplaces, are embracing the policy of full disclosure around salaries
  • Retention.  Organisations that embrace pay transparency are likely to have an easier time attracting and retaining skills, especially in the Millennial community
  • Legislation.  Legislation is changing around the world to govern discussions around remuneration.  Salary transparency is likely to follow
  • Fairness.  Without transparency, people will always feel they aren’t being paid enough.

If Remuneration Transparency were to become an issue in your organisation, how ready are you to deal with it?  How ready are you to explain the anomalies that exist in remuneration packages in the organisation?

Join us on Tuesday 14 June from 12h00 to 13h00 for our next Future Fit Lean Coffee where we will be discussing Reward Innovation.  How can we create a remuneration strategy that can be totally transparent?

It’s a virtual meeting so won’t be a major disruption to your day.  But the sharing and learning that you experience will be well worth your time.

To register to join the Future Fit Lean Coffee – Reward Innovation conversation, click here or click on the image above.  Once registered, we will send you the link to the meeting and a link to the Trello board that we use in the meeting.  Attached to the Trello board are some interesting information and articles to give some “food for thought” for the meeting.

Meeting notes are shared with participants only, so please be sure to be there.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Gail Sturgess
Agile OD Facilitator/Coach/Consultant
We provide modern Organisation Development advice, solutions, services, and products, at the intersection of business, technology, and people, to help our clients adopt and adapt to the New Ways of Working – Agile, Digital, Work-from-Anywhere – and become Future Fit.  We’d love to work with you too.