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Capability Management – Core Capabilities needed to Drive Profitability

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What are the Core Human Capital Capabilities that you need in your organization that will drive profitability?  The answer to this question is contained in a research document of the Boston Consulting Group entitled  “From Capability to Profitability”.  To download this report, click on the link below:

From Capability to Profitability

Research over the past 15 years has demonstrated – undeniably– that better “people” management leads to better Organizational Performance.  (For a list of this research with the outcomes, click the button below).


Download Reseach List


More recent research has focused on “what areas should we be focusing on” and “how can we predict financial performance based on Human Capital Management”.  The Boston research, conducted in 2012, is about the former.  For the latter, we will soon be highlighting the results of a HCMI research entitled “Linking Human Capital to Financial Performance”. Keep your eye on this blog for further information.