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TalentAlign 2018 – Paving the Way to a High-Performance IT Workforce!

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For the past couple of years you haven’t heard much from us – for which we apologise.  We have actually been working really hard and getting some amazing results in the field of IT Workforce Optimization.  And now we are working at how we can bring the benefits of this to you to help you create your High-Performance IT workforce.

We have had the privilege of working on a few very large projects at large financial institutions where we were responsible for establishing a strategic approach to IT Workforce Optimisation and action plans to bring it about.

So, armed with this valuable experience, we are ready for all the new “talent” challenges facing organizations in 2018, and to work with you to create your High Performance IT Organisation for the Digital Era.  Our IT Workforce Optimisation Strategy is as follows:


Assimilate We spend time learning about your organization, its vision and goals, its policies and procedures and its IT workforce architecture.  This establishes alignment with organisational goals and objectives.
Evaluate and Define We look at the structures, capabilities, knowledge, skills and competencies needed within IT as a whole and within each department, to enable it to be a constructive and innovative partner to the business.
Assess Taking a strategic approach we work with you to understand how IT can best optimise investment in its Human Capital and ensure that the skills and competencies needed can be in place as and when needed.
Improve With you and your team, and using a facilitated process, we devise action plans aimed at ensuring that you achieve your IT Human Capital strategy.
Monitor Using a coaching approach, we work with you and your team to manage accountability and ensure that the plans put in place are managed and achieved.

Using our strategy, tools and services, we can, together, create, implement and maintain a strategy for you to optimize your IT workforce to achieve High Performance in the digital era.

To learn more about how we can apply this in your organization, call us NOW!