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OKR Framework – the “superpower” for helping organisations execute transformation!

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Organisations are not just facing one change or transformation.  They are facing a plethora of transformations – Agile, Digital, Business Model, Work-from-Anywhere, Innovation – and more.

As this article “OKRs as a Transformation Engine” by Ravi Bains explains “Today, leadership teams must contend with a world that increasingly appears to be lurching from crisis to crisis. Worse, none of these crises ever seem to respect our traditional annual planning cycles.”

A problem that is increasingly arising is, each of these is being driven top-down and in a linear fashion.  But they all have two points in common that don’t seem to be well-coordinated:

  • The link to organisation strategy
  • The impact on people and culture.

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations is bringing these together so that they integrate and articulate throughout the organisation.

The known “superpowers” of the OKR Framework are:

  • It provides focus and clarity through identification of priorities
  • Enables individuals and teams to align with the shared business objectives
  • Fosters transparency to ensure that everyone moves in a unified direction and adopts the right rhythm to unlock performance impact and business success
  • Drives accountability through measurable results

In this article Bains explains “when these strengths are combined, another equally potent superpower emerges – the potential to help organisations achieve a holistic transformation encompassing both culture and operational capabilities.”  He lists the powers of this potent superpower as:

  • OKRs as a transformation engine
  • OKRs for outcome orientation
  • OKRs as a catalyst for trust-based management
  • OKRs and the culture of innovation
  • OKRs and customer-centricity
  • OKRs and strategic agility.

The OKR Framework is deceptively simple.  Few steps in the process, and software applications abound making it easy to deploy.  The trick to success, the trick to realising these “superpowers, is defining the objectives and the measures of success (key results) and managing the cycles.  This breathes life into the superpowers of the OKR Framework to deliver successful strategy execution.

I would like to set up a meeting with you to see how we may be able to work with you to get the best results from the OKR Framework superpowers. If you would like to release the powers of the OKR Framework in your organisation, please complete the form below, and I’ll be in touch.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Gail Sturgess
Agile OD Facilitator/Coach/Consultant
We provide modern Organisation Development advice, solutions, services, and products, at the intersection of business, technology, and people, to help our clients adopt and adapt to the New Ways of Working – Agile, Digital, Work-from-Anywhere – and become Future Fit.  We’d love to work with you too.
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