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Career Management – IITPSA’s ICT Career Development Framework

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The IITPSA’s ICT Career Development Framework is a structure of roles and competencies found across the ICT industry.  It is a model for IT Career Management – designing jobs and managing competencies of ICT professionals, intended to help match the skills of the workforce to the needs of the business, and forms the foundation for the ICT Workforce Architecture for the organisation.

The framework consists of over 420 ICT jobs and includes an evidence-based Competency Framework of all competencies relevant to ICT.

It is aligned with international standards, SAQA levels, and common grading levels found in organizations.

What Makes up the ICT Career Development Framework?

The Competencies, which form the foundation for growth and development, cover the three areas of:

  • Functional (or Technical) – the technical competencies needed to fulfill the requirements of a specific job
  • Professional and Business—the business competencies the underpin the technical competencies
  • Life Skills (or Behavioural) – the basic competencies needed to function effectively in the workplace.

The Competency Framework part of the ICT Career Development Framework consists of over 1000 individual Competencies—and it continues to grow with the dynamics of the ICT industry.

The Level Descriptors, compiled from a range of standard level descriptors appropriate to the ICT work environment, define up to 12 levels of growth and development, each representing 2 to 4 years of experience at each level.  These 12 levels are condensed into a five level framework that aligns with IITPSA recognition and international standards.

The IITPSA has grouped the Roles into 23 Job Families.  The Job Families are based on vertical skills growth in a specific area.  Job Families are also grouped together to indicate natural lateral growth and development opportunities.

The KPI library created for measuring effectiveness and efficiency in the Role contains, probably, one of the largest collections of ICT related KPIs.

Bounded by the IITPSA Code of Conduct and Code of Practice provides an open disclosure of the way a member of IIPTSA operates, and provides visible guidelines for behavior monitoring and, when necessary, disciplinary action.

Benefits of Implementing the IITPSA’s ICT Career Development Framework.

Using the IITPSA IT Career Development Framework, organizations can:

  • Accurately and fairly place people in positions for which they have the necessary skills,
  • Purposefully train, develop, and fast-track people into the higher-level skills positions knowing that they have the capability.
  • Reduce the skills shortages at the high-skills levels in the organization,
  • And most importantly, reduce costs over the longer term as it is a proven fact that growing talent within the organization is more cost-effective than recruiting from outside.

To learn more about the IITPSA’s ICT Career Development Framework, contact us now!  For more information, click here to download the flyer.