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10 Ways to Develop Leaders

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Some people are born leaders, but most of us learn the art of leadership along the way. The better you are at nurturing leadership potential in others, the more valuable you will be to your organization. To cultivate these skills, you must push people toward peak performance while convincing them of your commitment to their personal growth.

The following are 10 of the strategies suggested by authors Scott J. Allen and Mitchell Kusy in their book, “The Little Book of Leadership Development: 50 Ways to Bring Out the Leader in Every Employee” for creating a greater sense of ownership and direction within your team. Follow these guidelines and you will distinguish yourself as an essential leader in your own right.

    Treat team members as Customers – Let them know their professional development is a readon you challenge them.

    Set aside One-on-one time – Individual exchanges are opportunities for discovering passions and aspirations.

    Help People set goals – ownership inspires accountability, improving chances of success.

    Stretch Capabilities – Make sure team members are working on something that expands their skillsets.

    Let Them Lead – Choose a meeting organiser, a mentor, a project supervisor, etc.

    Encourage People to Answer “How” – Set objectives, but allow the team to come up with ways to get there.

    Promote Associations – Participating in industry groups elevates professional profiles.

    Share Organisational Knowleddge – Your team will appreciate and benefit from transparency,.

    Share Team Knowledge – Have members document challenges met and lesson learned.

    Confront Effectively – Approach confrontation as collaboration to maximise mutual gains.

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