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10 Signs of a Bad Work Environment

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How do you know if your workplace has a good or bad work environment.  Well, below are the 10 sign that Baseline suggest indicate a bad place to work.  See if any touch a chord with you.

  1. Managers spend all day in planning meetings, but no one makes a decision about anything
  2. Much energy is spent getting new customers, but no-one understands how to keep them.
  3. Every manager has a completely different idea about company strategies – and each one demands that you pursue his.
  4. Your organisation prides itself on rewarding seniority rather than merit.
  5. A-list talents prove themselves and then routinely bolt to the competition.
  6. Your office is so lifeless and sterile that you can hear colleagues cough from across the floor.
  7. The company embraces rote processes because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”
  8. No one in the building actually uses the stuff you sell
  9. Your boss always seems angry about something, but won’t ever tell anyone why
  10. You spend off-duty hours worrying about work; you spend working hours hoping the day ends soon

If this sounds too familiar, perhaps you should consider doing the TalentAlign Employee Engagement survey ( and find out what is really ailing in your workplace – and the reason behind it.