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What’s Happening to our Comfortable, Safe HR World?

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As an experience HR professional are you wondering – what has happened to our comfortable, safe HR world that has been around for as long as you can remember!

You have spent years learning tried and tested HR policies, processes and tools.  You have taken time to learn about IT jobs, responsibilities, and how they fit into the bigger IT picture.  Probably even created your own methods for helping IT managers manage their people

And, probably taken on a lot of their responsibilities when it comes to talent management, like recruiting, performance management, workforce planning, and employee relationship management.

And now suddenly everything you’ve learned has turned on its head – because of this thing called Agile.

Jobs are changing, job titles are changing, the way we work is changing.  If fact, will there be jobs in a few years, or just roles that people can play when necessary?

You hear all the wonderful stories about how Google, Amazon, Shopify and others “wow” their employees and have people queuing up for jobs.  Yet you are struggling with how to attract skills, how to keep good talent, how to create career paths in flat structures, and, importantly, how to pay them.

Youve even learned some of the practices of Google, Amazon et al, and tried to apply them in your organisation – with mixed success.  Certainly not what you had hoped for.

But, here’s the thing – in this new world of Agile, there is no “best practice” as we know it!  There is no one “best” way of doing things.  What’s best is what works best for your organisation.  And that can only be discovered by asking, experimenting, doing, failing, and learning.  This is the new “best practice”!  And we all have to become comfortable and safe working with it.

You can, obviously, do this on your own.  Nothing really stops you from doing that.  But would it not be a lot easier for you to have a “partner” that stands by your side for the journey?  Would it not be better to have an Agile HR Strategy that maps out a route appropriate to you and your organisations before you start?  Would it not be better to have someone to assist you through the earlier steps of learning, and helping you to make fewer obvious mistakes in the early days?

Would it not be better to have a qualified, certified Agile People Coach with a solid Agile People Framework to guide you and make sure that you cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s?

As an Agile People Coach, and with our Agile People Framework, we have a number of ways that we can help you to get their faster, cheaper, safer.  From our Online learning program to our premium Agile HR Mastermind, we make sure that you have all the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that you need for your Agile HR journey.

Our aim is to ensure that, at the end of our engagement, you will not only be a proficient Agile HR practitioner, but you will also have brought your business along with you, and they will have experienced all the benefits of having more engaged people.

Email us to find out more about our different programs and find out which one will best suit your needs.


TalentAlign works with HR to fast-track their knowledge, skills and processes to not only make HR more effective, but also to support and facilitate Agile Transformation in the business.  We offer:

–              Inhouse short-courses – covering important Agile Talent Management practices

–              Online Agile HR training – program over 8 weeks at the end of which you have your own Agile HR Implementation Plan

–              Inhouse Agile HR Mastermind – we work closely with you over 6 or 12 months developing your Agile HR strategy, developing skills and implementing Agile HR in your organisation.

Contact us at to find out how we can work with you to implement Agile HR in your organisation.