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Strategic Workforce Planning

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We live in an increasingly dynamic labour market where individuals can move more freely to find work – between companies and between countries. Strategic Workforce Planning is one of our major areas of specialization. Using our specialized tools and interventions, we offer a unique approach that focuses on the identification, retention and optimal utilisation of existing talent as well as strategies for attracting and retaining top IT talent.

Strategic Workforce Planning is a management process used to plan for future labour needs, changes and challenges. It examines the current workforce and takes a strategic look at what the future workforce demands to develop a human resources plan of action.

Strategic Workforce Planning involves identifying, assessing, developing and sustaining employee workforce skills required to successfully accomplish business goals and priorities while balancing the needs and expectations of employees. Through this process, organizations gain insight into their workforce capacity and labour needs so they can make strategic human resources decisions and take purposeful, timely action towards developing their people. Essentially, strategic workforce planning is identifying gaps between the labour demand of an organization and the available workforce supply, leading to strategies used to close those gaps.

Our workforce planning model includes the following:

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  • Identify Skills and Competencies needed to deliver Business Strategy
  • Identify where these Skills and Competencies exist in the workforce and how many
  • Research the external supply and demand for these Skills and Competencies
  • Conduct a Workforce Gap Analysis
  • Develop a Strategy to ensure Skills and Competencies are available as and when needed.


TalentAlign Workforce Planning Model

We also assist with the development of strategies to build employer branding to ensure a steady inflow of high calibre new entrants.

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