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Competency Management – Competency Matrix

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How do you know which competencies to grow in YOUR organization, and when to grow them? Or do you just expect employees to HAVE the competencies that you need when you need them? Or that they will be freely available “off the street”? If you need to “fast track” the development of individuals for specific purposes, e.g. scarce skills, BEE, etc., how do you know which competencies exactly need to be developed, and in which order to make it more sustainable for the individual? This is what we call Competency Management and it’s all part of organizational risk management.

Would it not be great to know which competence and level of competence you need for each and every job on your Career Development Roadmap™? Well, this is exactly what we do when we compile YOUR Competency Matrix. You end up with a matrix of Roles and Levels on one axis, and competencies on the other. At the intersection the level of competence is shown.

Not only do you know what competencies to grow, you also know what competencies exist, or should exist, in each and every role and level of role in the organization. When you need to find people with specific competencies – run your finger across the matrix and identify the roles, then identify the individuals in that role. When you need a specific set of competencies for a project-run search the matrix for the closest combination of competencies in other roles. Doing a Skills Audit, you know at a glance the competencies and level of competence needed.

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