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Change is Changing – New, Holistic Change Facilitation

Change today is Complex, Continuous, Transformational – with multiple changes happening at the same time

Holistic Change Facilitation
The framework for holistic organisational change

Most organisations today are faced with one or more complex transformations – Digital, Agile, Work-from-Anywhere, Cloud Migration, Business Model, Mergers & Acquisitions, Scaling Up, and probably more.
The challenge, with all of this going on at the same time is, they all impact on the Culture and the People of the Organisation. If we try to do these changes as linear – our culture and people are being asked to change … and change … and change again. The end result – BURNOUT and CHANGE FATIGUE!
There is a better way.

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    Why Holistic Change Facilitation


    Includes all aspects of change – from strategy, to processes, to culture, to leadership, to people to mindsets.

    Organisational Strategy

    Strategic alignment ensures that your change initiative helps the organisation achieve its aims by asking why the change project exists. 

    Business Systems and Processes

    Almost every significant change project involves changes to business systems. These need to be innovative, efficient, and agile – if the project is to be successful.


    Cooperation and support of people is a prerequisite of successful change and needs to include impact on culture, motivation, engagement, skills, training.

    The Team

    You can be sure that you, your organisation and your change initiatives are in good hands.

    Gail Sturgess
    TalentAlign OD

    MBA (UCT)
    Certificate in Executive Coaching (UCT)
    Certified Human Capital Strategist (HCI)
    Certified Agile People Coach (ICAgile)
    Diploma in Marketing Management – Distinctions (Damelin)
    Certificate in Marketing of Services
    Certificate in Business Analysis (FTI)
    Certificate in Barcode Implementation (Xcel)
    Certificate in Assessment (SAQA)
    15 Years in ICT (Developer, Business Intelligence, Product Manager)
    20 Years in Organisation Development
    5 Years in Agile Organisation Development

    Amelia Sterrenberg
    Neuro Business Institute

    Master NeuroCoach
    NLP Practitioner
    mBIT International Master Coach
    mBIT International Trainer
    Professional Facilitator Leadership & Executive Coach

    Shirley Pool
    Neuro Business Institute

    Masters in Coaching
    Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT)
    Certified NAP™ Practitioner
    Certificates in Neuro Coaching (University of Pretoria)
    SETA  and Comensa Accreditation (in process)
    Thirty+ years in Information Technology

    If you would like to know more about what “Holistic Change Facilitation” is, and how we got here, there is more detailed information in our KnowledgeBase. Read more …

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