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Performance Management

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Performance Management is no longer the simple paper-based (or computerized version of the paper-based) Performance Appraisal system of the past. In the past, the system was designed to look back over the past period – usually six months or a year – and try to remember whether or not the person performed to a fairly arbitrary set of objectives. Then put a mostly subjective score to this “performance” – most often a 3 out of 5! The point being, NOTHING in this system tried to pinpoint problem areas along the way to ENSURE the achievement of objectives. It is a kind of “yes-no-maybe” kind of scenario, with no real benefit except some excuse for not paying a full bonus!

All of this has changed, and if you have not yet adopted the new approaches to Performance Management, now is your opportunity to do so.

Performance Management for the new Human Capital Management is focused on looking forward and putting in place the interventions necessary to ensure the objectives are achieved, if and when necessary.

Performance Management, to be effective, needs to be measured at three levels:

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  • Organisational goals – is the performance leading to the achievement of organizational goals?
  • Job Performance – is the performance in line with the requirement of the job?
  • Competence – does the person have the competencies to be able to deliver Job and Organisational


Once we understand your unique organizational, job and competency requirements, we custom design your Performance Management process that will ensure improvement in overall organisational, team and individual performance.

Using the latest international research on performance enhancement systems and processes, we provide expert advice and guidance to create and set up your Performance Management processes and system.

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