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How Agile is your Organisation … Really?

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TalentAlign OD partnered with the ODTI (Organisation Development Tools Institute) to present this topic at the Agile20Reflect Festival. This presentation is not about the adoption of Agile in organisations, but rather about the change capability (or agility) level of the organisation. This is about how ready the organisation is to absorb the kind of changes needed to adapt to the changes in the world and environment around us today.

Many organisations have embarked, or are embarking, on one of the 6 major “transformations” impacting business today:

  • Agile Transformation (Agile Business)
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Remote Worker Transformation
  • Leadership Transformation
  • HR Transformation

How ready is your organisation to go through this process? Where could the “bottlenecks” to progress be? What could cause the transformation to fail?

Watch this video to understand more about how to answer these questions.

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