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Design IT Organizations

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IT Organization Structure

Organization Design has not been "BIG" in IT organizations, particularly design in IT organization structures within the corporate environment.  But this is changing fast! 
IT organisations today are realising that there has to be a purpose behind a structure. But the structure also has to be "flexible". The traditional "silos" just
don’t work anymore – for various reasons. These include:

  • Skills shortages that lead to higher than normal staff turnover
  • The need for reducing costs
  • The changing needs of business that need a greater level of flexibility

Organisation Design, however, is not just about creating a structure. Integral to the design process are:

  • Job Descriptions that define the purpose, outcomes and job requirements for all jobs/roles in the structure
  • Processes that allow work to get done at the level it occurs and bring together the relevant players to solve problems, make decisions, and co-ordinate work
  • Reward systems that align individual behaviour and performance with organisational goals
  • Policies and Practices that create organisational capability from the many individual abilities in the organisation

To assist organisations with their "structure" issues offers the following:

  • Articles, tips and guidance available on the website
  • A "generic"An IT structure Diagram that makes it easier to think through the structure process –
    and also to help you keep in mind the roles that need to be included in the IT structure.
  • IT Role Progression Matrix that helps to show how jobs "progress" across levels, and how jobs can progress through the structure
  • A generic Career Development Roadmap™ that provides detail on the various jobs, their level in the organisation and the growth path within a job category as well as progression to other jobs
  • Company-specific Career Development Roadmap™ that we will produce for you
  • We will, in consultation with you, create a selection of structure designs to discuss with you so that you can select the most appropriate structure for your IT organisation
  • Once you have decided on a structure we assist with putting processes in place to ensure that the structure is effective and delivers the required results

Below are summaries of articles.  To read the article in full, click on the relevant link.  To return, click "back" on your Internet Browser.

Organization Design and the IT Organization
Sarbanes-Oxley is having a global affect on organizations – even those that don’t operate globally.  Most private sector organizations are finding it necessary to have some governance framework in place.  But how does this impact on the IT organization?  And what has this to do with Organization Design?
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IT Governance, Knowledge Management, Organization Design – the Link!
In the highly competitive business environment of today, the creative and effective use of information technology has the potential to transform organizations and contribute to enhanced and sustainable value.  In many companies Information Technology is the second highest cost to employee costs, and IT employee costs are generally the highest cost in the overall IT budget.  It makes incredible sense to harness these costs to drive the effectiveness of the organization as a whole.
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