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Career Management – Career Development Roadmap™

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Career Management is one of the quickest, easiest and smartest ways to save money in your organisation!  And we can prove it.

Career Management is a critical tool for attracting and retaining top IT talent. Career Management involves defining the knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and competencies needed for each level of all jobs across and through the organisation. Career Management enables employees to grow their careers vertically or laterally – through promotions and / or departmental transfers.

The Career Development Roadmap™ is a tool created by TalentAlign to define and build a career network in your organisation so that people stay and grow to achieve their career goals and aspirations. Using the Career Development Roadmap™ methodology, we systematically establish career opportunities in line with current and future Skills and Competency needs of the organization.

This creates a lattice of IT career paths through the organization that empowers employees to create and build careers within the organization, encouraging them to stay.

Contact TalentAlign to assist you to build YOUR Career Development Roadmap™ and start saving money TODAY.

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