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What if HR could quantify the impact of workforce decisions before they happen?What if HR could show the ROI of Internal Career Path, Training, and High Performer Retention?

These are just a couple of areas that the HCMI Workforce Intelligence Toolsets, distributed and supported by TalentAlign, can quantify in 15 minutes or less!

According to an IBM study:

  • In today’s difficult economic environment, workforce analytics play an increasingly important role in addressing strategic human capital challenges.
  • Workforce analytics are a key capability for HR organizations seeking a more proactive role in driving business strategy.
  • The implementation of workforce analytics continues to be hindered by both technical and skill-related issues.

The world of the C-Suite is driven by consistent, analytical points of reference to make decisions that impact business results. And Human Capital Strategy is no different.

Human Capital Strategy is a business strategy that leverages the Human Capital asset – people – to increase production, provide continuous improvement, and create value for the stakeholders.

To achieve this, Human Capital Strategists need the knowledge, tools and insight to drive business results through the people of the organisation.

TalentAlign, together with HCMI, provide all three of these requirements to help you to drive business effectiveness through people.

Our tool sets integrate workforce, business, customer, and financial data seamlessly to show the ROI of most workforce decisions. The Workforce Intelligence tool sets provide tables, graphs and dashboards to distribute critical workforce information that tells a story with data.

The Workforce Intelligence tool sets contains the world’s most advanced suite of workforce analytics and planning tools for power users.

We help organizations build a contextual map for analysis that goes beyond simple measurement and benchmarking to deliver true business intelligence and perspective that professionals both within and outside of HR can easily understand.

Our goal is to help organizations to fundamentally change the way they make decisions about their workforce, starting with strategy.

For more information on the Workforce Intelligence tool sets, click here.

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