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Will it be a good fit for me?

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If part of your responsibility is to help the organisation to:

  • Build a new culture for the New Way of Working
  • Achieve organisation goals through the skills and innovation of your people
  • Guide careers to support the career aspirations of your staff, while providing opportunities to people and supporting their efforts to achieve their goals
  • Create high-performance teams by enabling an environment and culture of psychological safety
  • Identify the many ways that people and teams can be rewarded, including base pay, bonuses, and non-monetary rewards
  • Manage staff changes such as hiring (onboarding) staff, letting people go (offboarding), promoting, demoting, transferring them and providing benefits to people
  • Ensure that diversity and inclusion leads to a range of diverse voices in decision making that leads to more innovative work and more delighted customers
  • Identify and plan for your organization’s talent needs, including succession planning, staff capacity planning/forecasting as well as determining your mix of full-time employees (FTEs) and contractors.

Then this program is absolutely right for you – and right now!

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