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What do you consider to be the top three drivers of future business success for your organisation - please tick just three!

Management clearly and consistently communicates the business strategy and objectives to employees

Management has defined a clear and explicit people strategy that is clearly linked to the business strategy

Management consistently measures and recognizes strong performance, at all employee levels, using clear metrics and methods of evaluation

Management regularly does formal succession planning across the workforce

Problem solving skills and willingness to change are carefully evaluated in our hiring process

Formal training programs and certification programs are used for development of our staff

Training is provided to employees in the next generation technologies needed for the business to keep pace with technological advancements in the business and customers

Management recognises the importance of diversity and generational issues related to talent management

Management has identified the specific workforce segments and competencies that are most critical to the success of the business

Management applies increased rigor to understand what motivates/engages those employees in core roles and/or with core competencies

Management has deployed extensive technology to support the entire spectrum of talent management, from how talent is sourced, selected, onboarded, developed, measured, rewarded, and deployed

There is a formal orientation and onboarding process for new employees, including company values

Management is willing to pay top performers significantly more than average employees

Management provides rotational or stretch assignments to high performing employees whenever possible

Explicit definition and evaluation of technical competencies are a top priority for management

Non-traditional and flexible work solutions are used as a method for growing and engaging our workforce