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Workforce and Succession Planning

IT people costs, at between 60% and 70%, constitute the majority of any IT budget.  Furthermore, IT people are the most expensive to replace – due to skills shortages and the value of IT today in business.  They are your most expensive asset, and the most costly to replace.  Aligning the needs and priorities of your organisation with the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce to ensure you meet your company objectives is vital.

Our Workforce and Succession Planning methodology helps your IT managers to:

  • Identify emerging challenges in the market, workforce, and business
  • Respond more quickly and strategically to changes in the market
  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by understanding the skills needed
  • Strengthen the capability to support the achievement of business outputs, now and in the future
  • Develop an understanding of the organisation’s workforce profile
  • Enable the alignment of HR strategies and policies to maximise the capability of the workforce
  • Identify skills gaps in the workforce
  • Identify shortage of qualified talent to fill critical roles
  • Identify and manage people with knowledge and skills that are critical to the organisation
  • Provide a mechanism for monitoring costs and linking workforce costs to business outputs and results.

Our Workforce and Succession Planning program enables IT managers to :

  • Facilitate strategic staffing and planning for future workforce requirements
  • Support the strategic/business planning process
  • Reduce the risk from the loss of experienced IT management and technical leaders
  • Support the budgeting process
  • Serve as a mechanism for identifying critical talent
  • Support the development of qualified pools of candidates ready to fill critical or key positions
  • Provide stability in leadership and other critical positions to sustain a high-performing organisations
  • Ensure the uninterrupted delivery of services and programs to customers
  • Identify workforce renewal needs as a means of targeting necessary employee training and development
  • Help individuals realise their career plans and aspirations within the organization
  • Provide the opportunity for timely corporate knowledge transfer
  • Improve employees’ ability to respond to changing environmental demands

Establishing an effective Workforce and Succession Plan takes considerable time and resources.  Instead of using your key staff and taking them away from their core functions, let TalentAlign partner with them to create and implement an effective methodology that compliments your business and talent management processes.

To find out how you can reduce corporate risk and ensure that you have the talent for current and tomorrow’s business, fill out the form below and we will get back to you asap.

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