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At TalentAlign, we understand that IT, in most organisations, needs to provide specialist IT/HR services that are not necessarily the core strength of traditional HR personnel.  We also understand that bigger businesses or rapidly growing businesses may need specialised IT/HR expertise that is not always available within their company – especially with IT changing so fast these days.

Being IT/HR specialists we appreciate your organisations’s IT challenges and we understand the expectations and motivation of your IT employees.

They want:

  • to know that they are understood at a deep level
  • to have proper communication structures
  • career paths and development opportunities
  • trust relationships to be valued

Enhance your Employee Experience by creating an IT employee environment that nurtures a culture that makes employees feel valued and involved.  Employees’ engagement and happiness multiplies productivity.

The flexibility of our products and services guarantees relevant experience, skills and expertise without the overheads.


Role and Competency Profiling for the New Way of Working – our “flagship” offering for the past 13 years!  I have transitioned to new-style Agile Role Expectations sheets, but still have over 550 templates available for traditional and Agile Role Profiles.  Our unique strength has always been our in-depth understanding of IT, of how IT Roles progress to enable and facilitate internal growth and development.  Our profiles are accurate, consistent, relevant and logical.  IT people love our Role Profiles because, as they say, “this is exactly what we do!”  What better recommendation could we possibly have.  Learn more …

Future Talent – Career and Competency Management – this separates us from the rest.  In times of skills shortages, it is a LOT more cost-effective to grow the skills that you need than to buy them in.  Our specialty is setting up Career Paths (now known as Career Mosaics or Career Frameworks), based on Competencies.  The #1 reason that good people leave organisations, is because they don’t see growth and development opportunities for themselves.  We make sure that career opportunities are well articulated so that individuals and managers can better plan and grow people within the organisation.  Learn more …

Beyond Performance Management – working with modern thinking around Performance Management we use a variety of models, including our 3-Tier Performance Management, the DIRC model, KPIs, and OKRs.  Everyone wants to emulate the success of Google, Amazon, and other top performing organisations.  The way to do that is to have a system than ensures success – not just measures after the event.  The objective is to correlate individual and organisational performance and help you to create High Performance TeamsLearn more …

Inhouse Mastermind – Agile Transformation is not an event, it is a journey that requires more time, energy and change than anticipated, and continues to challenge how the team thinks about value, and possibly even how the organisation is structured to deliver their services.  If you don’t have the travelling companions to drive you, question you, guide you, debate with and celebrate with, how do you know you’re succeeding?  How do you know you’re implementing the best for your organisation?  The Inhouse HR Professionals Mastermind is your own “Community of Practice”, facilitated by a seasoned expert.  Learn more …

Solo HR Professionals Mastermindmany HR professionals – especially those at start-ups and small to medium businesses – are not only generalists, but HR departments of one or two.  You are managing everything from recruiting to onboarding, from performance to engagement, from payroll to Industrial Relations (IR).  Your biggest challenge today, is being able to stay abreast of all the latest changes that are being foisted on HR by organisations, especially tech organisations, “Going Agile”!  The one thing that you need, but don’t have, is a group of peers to be a sounding board, and an advisory group.  This is exactly what the Solo HR Professional’s Mastermind is about.  It’s about giving you a group of peers, in the same situation as you, and with the same goals, so that you have good, strong companionship and advice on your journey to understanding, implementing and supporting Agile in your organisation.  Learn more …

IT Skills Stocktake – An IT Skills Stocktake is, as it sounds, a process that is used to identify the organisation’s current “stock” of IT skills and the skill gaps in an organisation.  This information is essential for a number of reasons:

  • It identifies where key skills are in the organisation
  • It determines whether the organisation can meet its goals
  • It helps identify the areas of skills improvement in the organisation
  • It identifies key training and development needs
  • It feeds relevant information through to recruiting needs

A Skills Stocktake is an essential part of any restructuring exercise.   Learn more …

Human Capital Strategy Consulting – Human Capital Strategy is the link between the organisation’s strategy, and it’s ability to deliver on that strategy in terms of people skills and capabilities.  It is a systematic process for identifying the knowledge and skills resource pool of the organisation, and its capabilities to meet organisation goals, and developing the strategies and action plans to meet the requirements to fulfill those goals.  The Human Capital Strategy process ensures that the organisation has the right Human Capital in the right jobs at the right time and for the right cost.  Learn more …

Geographic areas of interest

Because all of our work is internet based and we have a network of consultants that work with us, we are able to operate anywhere in South Africa, Africa, and, at this stage, English-speaking countries around the world.