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People Development

At TalentAlign, we are passionate about people development.  Even within our Services that we offer, we include capacity-building so that, when we leave, we leave behind the knowledge and ability to carry on with the work that was started with us.

But we also understand and respect that, sometimes, people want to attend a program and do the work themselves.  So, we have taken some of our important Services and made them into workshops, shorter, 3-hour workshops, or full 1-day workshops.

All of our workshops are facilitated.  That means, we don’t just stand up and “teach” and hope that you understand.  No!  We do some teaching, then you get to practice what you have learnt.  It’s not as in-depth as our Masterminds, but you do get to do some of the work so that you are able to return to the workplace and put the learning into action.

Our workshops are offered “live”, face-to-face, or virtually via Zoom, which means you don’t have to have people travel to attend.  They can attend from their workplace, where-ever that may be.  And, in today’s workplace, that is an important factor.

Our Stand-alone, Online Courses

We have a number of stand-alone courses available free and for a low cost.  Including our TalentAlign Essentials, which are very short, 15 to 20-minute learning sessions on different aspects of People Management.  Register and complete online.

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Our inhouse workshops focus on our core strengths and cover different, critical aspects of People Management including Role and Competency Profiling, Career and Competency Management and Performance Management in the New Way of Working (NWOW).

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CORE APF Online Agile HR Course

Our signature 12-week CORE APF Online course for Agile HR.  Covering all aspects including Culture and Mindset, Values, Organisation Design, Talent Strategy, Agile OD and Agile Talent Management.  All available in 3-hour or full-day format.

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