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OD Services

We offer services in 5 different areas of Organisation Development:

Difference between OD and HR

In many organisations today the line between OD and HR is blurred, leading to confusion between the aims and purpose of each.  In fact, in research and literature, the lines are very distinct.

Even in the Agile world, with cross-functional teams, OD and HR should be two distinct and different “Communities of Practice” to ensure that each can focus and achieve the impact needed by the organisation and its people.

The following 2 images, show the difference between the purpose of HR and the purpose of OD.

HR is the discipline that defines and maintains the processes across the employee life cycle – from Recruitment to Outplacement.


Organisation Development, on the other hand, is the discipline that causes change to the status quo.

Assessment and Measurement

Peter Drucker said “What gets measured, gets managed”.  In today’s fast-changing world, measurement and assessment become even more important.  Leaders throughout the organisation need to know “where do we want to go” and “where are we now” in order to create the correct interventions for change sustainability.

  • Organisational Capability Maturity Assessment – a scientific, Reference Model, Body of Knowledge; and Maturity Assessment toolset, underpinned by rigorous academic and industry research, and Organisation Science and Theory to enable greater success of change initiatives in organisations … read more …
  • Human Capital Scorecard – a scorecard, designed with and for your organisation, for measuring the effectiveness of people practices on organisation performance (not an HR Scorecard) … read more …

Structure, Roles and Careers

Structure, Roles and Careers has been our flagship over the past 16 years, and we have well-developed and proven methods for our work in this area.

Agile OD and HR

As organisations face more and more critical “transformations”, the role of OD and HR is changing.  HR needs to become adaptable to change as volatile forces, external to the organisation, impose new ways and methods on the environment of business.

  • Agile OD and HR – empowering the HR function to become more responsive and adaptive, and to support the business in becoming more responsive and adaptive… read more …

Leadership Reskilling

We don’t hold ourselves out as Leadership Development specialists.  We focus on just one area of Leadership Development and that is reskilling leaders and managers in the principles and practices to enable and empower them to be more effective in the New Way of Working, including business agility.

Our three focus areas for Leadership Reskilling are:

  • Remote Worker Management – the Covid pandemic threw the world into turmoil with global lockdowns and entire workforces “working from home”.  We’re never going back to the “old” model.  The tools and processes cobbled together to work today are going to change.  New styles of leadership and management are critical for organisations to grow and thrive through this turbulent time … read more …
  • Leading in the New Way of Working – the cries for “business agility” are growing and more and more businesses are looking at how they can adapt to not only survive, but to thrive and grow through difficult and challenging times.  A new style of leadership and management is needed and new ways of managing how work is accomplished, is critical for the future of business … read more …
  • Goal-oriented Performance Enablement – the most successful organisations today have something in common.  They have moved away from “traditional” performance management and embraced Goal-oriented Performance Enablement using OKRs. … read more …


Coaching is incorporated into our processes where-ever possible as we believe, for change and transformation to really be sustainable, people need to incorporate the new “habits” into their everyday work life.  We also offer coaching as a standalone service when required.

  • Accountability Coaching – much like “new year resolutions”, sometimes we set goals but somehow just don’t seem to achieve them.  They get forgotten in the humdrum of everyday life.  In business, when we set goals, the business is relying on us to achieve them.  Our Accountability Coaching holds you accountable for achieving those goals, identifying blockages and helping you through them … read more …