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Job Descriptions – A Valuable Tool for Managing Expectations and Performance

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Job Descriptions are a valuable tool for managing both employee and management expectations and performance reviews.  But too often they’re overlooked and mismanaged, which leads to problems for HR, managers, and employees.  For instance:

  • Can you quickly access the latest version of every Job Description?
  • How many Job Titles do you have for what is, basically, the same job?
  • Do your Job Descriptions drive Job Requisitions for recruitment – or do Job Requisitions drive Job Descriptions?
  • Are company values reflected in your Job Descriptions to help ensure the right cultural fit?
  • Are your managers creating Job Descriptions that are right for your company?
  • Is HR ultimately responsible for the quality management of your Job Descriptions?
  • Do your employees know what their Job Description is and what’s expected of them?
  • Are your Job Descriptions linked to “evidence-based” Competency Profiles?

With TalentAlign you will confidently answer yes to all of these questions and finally cross that very important but cumbersome line item off your to-do list, once and for all.

TalentAlign is the first and only solution that not only provides an easy and effective way to manage your Job Descriptions but also provides Job Descriptions that are pre-populated with relevant information that you can edit to your own requirements.  This ensures that you always have the latest and most up-to-date Job Titles and job information keeping you well-organised and ahead-of-the-pack when it comes to IT Job Descriptions.

What’s more, our Job Descriptions link directly to evidence-based Competency Profiles. So you are able to assess whether or not candidates actually do have the right skills and competencies that they claim, and employees know where their areas of development are if they want to progress in the organisation.

Check out the website, or contact Gail on for more information.