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At TalentAlign, we understand that IT, in most organisations, needs to provide specialist IT/HR services that are not necessarily the core strength of traditional HR personnel.  We also understand that bigger businesses or rapidly growing businesses may need specialised IT/HR expertise that is not always available within their company – especially with IT changing so fast these days.

Being IT/HR specialists we appreciate your organisations’s IT challenges and we understand the expectations and motivation of your IT employees.

They want:


  • to know that they are understood at a deep level
  • to have proper communication structures
  • career paths and development opportunities
  • trust relationships to be valued

Let us help you create an IT employee-friendly environment that nurtures a culture that makes employees feel valued and involved.  Employees engagement and happiness multiplies productivity.

The flexibility of our products and services guarantees relevant experience, skills and expertise without the overheads.

Our products include:

  • Coaching – both individual career coaching as well as executive coaching, and especially helping individuals and organisations navigate the difficult journey of “Going Agile”
  • Facilitating – sometimes you just need someone from outside to be able to bring people together to achieve common goals, including Strategy Planning, Organisation Design, Action Planning, and plain Team Planning sessions.
  • Consulting – we provide consulting services to organisations, large and small, that have and IT capability and needs assistance with different aspects of organising and managing this capability.
  • Programs – our programs are intended to build capacity inhouse so that, at the end of each program, you will not only have achieved the planned goal, but you will also be able to repeat the program inhouse whenever needed in the future.

Geographic areas of interest

Because all of our work is internet based and we have a network of consultants that work with us, we are able to operate anywhere in South Africa, Africa, and, at this stage, English-speaking countries around the world.